The First Collection

3333 GuinBears imagined, designed and developed by 3 friends

GuinBears have different backgrounds, head accessories, bodies and can have different eyes, mouths (sometimes masks) all with different skin colours!

If you didn't understand yet, they are literally Penguins mixed with Bears ;)

⭐ Holder Benefits ⭐

Why buy Guinbears ?

Until Mint

All discord members will be able to participate in giveaways and mini-games to earn a whitelist, being active and friendly can also give you one.

After Mint

After the mint, holders will have access to a P2E casino in the discord.
With this game, tickets for weekly giveways will become purchasable with the coins of the casino.


Every week, we take 100% of the royalties and give it to the winner of this week ! There will also be random solana airdrops sometimes.

The GuinBears Founders

Responsive Team Profiles


Co-founder/ Graphic Artist

"His Hands Drew the GuinBears"

Responsive Team Profiles


Co-founder/ CM & CIO

"His brain Imagined the GuinBears"

Responsive Team Profiles


Co-founder/ Developer

"His Fingers Transmit their knowledge"